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An Easter Story, pt. 2

Hello, readers! I’m back with part two of my story Found. If you missed part one, you can check it out here. Enjoy! I hope this story will bring you to a greater realization of how amazing God’s grace really is.


A shiny red apple glinted in the sunlight.  It was a beautiful spring day, and the birds were singing sweetly.  However bright the sun shone, though, there was something dark happening in a girl’s mind.  Temptation had its icy fingers on the hungry girl, and her arm began to extend, and fingers stretch to snatch the bright fruit.  Before she could think, rough hands grabbed her shoulders and threw her down. Her back slammed against the dirt, and she stared up into the hateful eyes of the merchant.  

“Finally!  I‘ve chased ya’ long enuf’.  You d’serve more punishment than ya’ can bear.”

He scowled down at the thief and wiped his hands on his bright cloak.  The girl had stolen many items from this merchant, and her heart pounded as she imagined the awful punishments to come.  He had good reason to be upset, and the girl knew she was finished. The man yanked her up to her feet and dragged her toward the prison.  As the merchant pulled her along, the girl lost her determination and any hope she ever had. She let her feet drag in the dirt, and her arms went limp.  Her eyes shut, and a tear coasted down her cheek. She heard quiet negotiation, and, assuming it was the law enforcement, awaited her punishment. The merchant shouted a couple of times, but the second man appeared to stay calm.   After a bit, they seemed to have come to a decision.

Much to her surprise, the merchant’s grip loosened, and she thudded to the ground.  Her eyes shot open. Speechless and wide-eyed, she watched as the merchant grabbed the arm of a grown man and walked away.  As they shuffled to the prison, the girl’s mind raced. She did not know what was happening, and her heart beat out of her chest.  The merchant turned around sharply and told her, 

“Go home!  Don’ta steal anymore!  This man is sufferin’ for ya’.”  

With a confused and saddened look, he turned away and continued to walk.  The man beside the merchant turned around and smiled at her. Dazed, she fell to the dirt and let her tears flow.   Looking up again, she realized the man was strangely familiar. She had seen his face before, but it had not been smiling.  She remembered his face from an earlier night. A night when she joined in on the merciless persecution of a poor stranger. A sick feeling washed over her.  The man was bruised and wounded already. He was the man from the back alley. He was the victim of her attacks! Tears filled her eyes as the men entered the prison.  She did not understand this kindness!

Three days later…

A dark figure stumbled blindly through the streets.  She had been the recipient of amazing grace, but she was utterly confused and grief-stricken.  She hated herself and felt she could not take another step. A cart slowly rolled past her. A farmer and his wife were quietly gossiping.  

“Isn’t that her?  That criminal who was saved by the king’s own son?”

“Yes, it’s ‘er.  I hear he went very far to see that she was free.  There were some secret crimes that were discovered, and he suffered for ev’ry one.”

“The poor man… suffering for such a terrible person!  How would he know that she deserved the death penalty?”

“Ey.  The prince sure didn’t d’serve to die.” As the rickety cart rattled past, the girl’s heart sunk.  This was not the attention she liked. Everyone was talking about her savior, and guilt’s strong grip had claimed her heart.  She had wept for days, and now she had no more tears to cry. She finally stumbled over and fell onto the dirt. How was she to go on?  She had been so confused and surprised and… oh, why? Why would a stranger lay his life down for the crimes of his enemy? 

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Do you see any similarities between the story so far and the gospel?

How has God’s grace changed you?

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