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Featured Article: 3 (Easy and Harmless) Pranks for April Fools

Today’s April Fools’ day. I usually like doing some harmless pranks on my siblings, and I wrote this article last year. Enjoy!

Today is April Fools’ day – the day I can play pranks to my heart’s content. I look forward to this day, and today, I’ll share three pranks you can do in your house with simple, everyday supplies. Let me know which one you’ll do!

1. The Unbreakable Egg

Before my oldest brother went to college, he started eating five eggs a day for breakfast. Last April Fools’ Day I boiled a couple of his eggs. It worked perfectly. There were only about five eggs left in the carton. My parents suggested that I only boil a couple of eggs. The next morning, he woke up to make scrambled eggs. The first one he tried to crack was boiled. Thinking I had boiled all of his eggs, he was not careful with the next one. Surprise! It cracked. My brother had an interesting morning! Boil a few eggs and play this one on the egg cook in your family!

2. Colored Water

My siblings were so surprised by this one! When you turn on the faucet to wash your hands, blue water runs out of it. My brother thought there was something seriously wrong with the faucet when blue water came out of it!

You can do this prank by taking gel food coloring and squirting a little on your finger. Then rub it on the part of the faucet where water comes out. You might want to test this one first!


3. Shortened Sheets 

Does one of your siblings make his/her bed every morning? If so, try this hilarious prank. Here’s how to do it:

  1. First, take the sheets, quilts, or comforters off. This will just leave the sheet that covers the mattress.
  1. Next, take a sheet and tuck it in tightly where the pillow goes. Tuck it tightly under the sides of the mattress too.
  1. About halfway down the bed, fold the sheet and bring it up back towards the pillow.
  1. Put the other quilts and comforters back on normally. When the person gets in bed, their feet won’t make it very far! 😂

Hopefully, you have someone in your family who won’t take pranks too hard. Thankfully, these pranks are pretty harmless and shouldn’t leave any hard feelings.

Let’s Talk!

Do you like to play a joke or prank every once in a while? If so what is your best prank?

10 thoughts on “Featured Article: 3 (Easy and Harmless) Pranks for April Fools”

  1. I tried shortened sheets on my sister last year (well, actually, I used a fuzzy blanket)… but I didn’t make them short enough!! My sister got into bed, thought it was warm and cozy, and wondered why on earth I was hanging around her room and trying not to laugh! Then later she overheard me telling my roommate sister about it, and she thought it was so cozy she wanted me to do it again! XD 😂

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