A Peek into My Bullet Journal

We are almost a week into 2020, and reality is setting in. How are you doing with your resolutions? It seems that so many people start off the year with amazing goals and motivation, but most give up quickly. Here’s a tip: if you made resolutions, be sure they are reachable. They don’t have to be IDEAL, but if you make reachable goals, then you can work towards them even when life gets hectic.

I received a bullet journal for Christmas and it’s my favorite place to track my productivity. Today you get a peek into my bullet journal to gather inspiration for your own!

note: I took these pictures earlier this month, so the information I put in is for a week ago. Ignore the numbers, but enjoy the design!

I loved making this page! This is the “cover page” for the month. I have space for a “quote of the month”. I’ll find a helpful/interesting/inspiring quote and write it there!

This page is a summary of the month. Goals, birthdays, and important dates make up a basic overview.

I am forcing myself to be an early bird again and trying to continue to run. This is where I can keep track of my mileage.

This is a page crammed with boxes to check and things to record. As a side note, I made the mood tracker because I thought it would be interesting. However, I quickly discovered I cannot assign only one emotion for each day. It’s a neat idea, though! Let me know if you have success with it!

I love the way this turned out! It will be extremely helpful to have a place to keep track of my spending and earning.

Yep. I’m a blogger, and it takes lots of thought and planning to be one!

When the month is over, I’ll be recording my confidence on each school subject. I’m excited to see how it turns out!

I heard it’s important to add a few fun, decorative pages to a bullet journal. I Googled inspirational quotes and wrote them down here. Thanks to my sister for letting me borrow that rainbow washi tape!😄

I put some of my running times down on the other page, but this page was essentially another decorative one.😉

I hope you enjoyed looking at my bullet journal! How do you generally gather inspiration? Do you have a bullet journal?

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12 thoughts on “A Peek into My Bullet Journal”

  1. I love bullet journaling! I’m a very artsy person, and I love doing calligraphy! ❤ Although my bullet journal isn't nearly as organized as yours! I really enjoyed this post. 🙂

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  2. Thank you! I wasn’t being honest with you either . I mean I was a little but I just told you part of the truth. I’m really sorry. Please forgive me. ♥️


    1. You’re welcome! I’m not sure what you weren’t honest about, but if it helps, I forgive you. Just so you know, the last message I sent was supposed to be a note from one Christian to another, not a lecture… I hope I came across the way I was hoping to. Being honest doesn’t mean you have to tell everyone everything about yourself, and doing that on the internet can be dangerous. It is perfectly possible to be honest and to also keep your privacy. I hope what I said helps some:) 😉❤


  3. I also have to tell you something . Sometimes I’m not honest with people but I don’t do it on purpose if I do do it it’s an accident. That’s something i have to work on. Please keep me in your prayers. ♥️


    1. Kiara, I definitely understand where you’re coming from. Honesty is tough business! I’ve learned, though, to not get too caught up in the little slip-ups in conversations, but instead to just trust Him to show you what to say. He’ll give you the words to speak if you ask! Sometimes I also forget about God’s mercy. He loves when His children want to obey Him, and He is faithful to help them to obey. I sometimes pursue truth for the sake of “following the rules”, but I found that it is much more effective to obey God because I love Him… and I can’t even do that on my own! I have to ask God to help me to obey Him for everything, and I’ve found that He always answers! I will be praying for you, Kiara! Not only that you speak the truth, but that you rely on God for the strength and guidance to do so! ❤ Your struggle is one I went through for a while. This blog post might be helpful: ❤ Thanks for being so open about your struggles! You’re not the only one who struggles with that! ❤


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