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Interview with my Friend and YouTuber, Elena Tanner

YouTube is extremely popular. Many of us watch hours of videos from this platform, but it takes another level of commitment to start a channel of your own. Today, I’m interviewing my friend and YouTuber, Elena Tanner about her equestrian Youtube channel!

Hello, Elena! Thanks so much for joining me! I know you well, but most of my readers haven’t met you yet. Could you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your channel?

Hello! I’m Elena. I’m 13 years old and have loved horses since I was four. I recently began my very own YouTube channel, where I post what are called equestrian music videos. I love editing, filming, acting, and horses, so I took those interests and rolled them into one.

That’s so neat, Elena! You started answering this already, but what convinced you to begin a YouTube channel, specifically a equestrian one?

I have always loved things like editing, filming, and acting. I love to watch horse and art videos on YouTube and have always thought they were fascinating. When I was maybe ten or eleven, I started using my mom’s iPhone to film and edit videos the best I could. I dragged my siblings in, too, and we had a wonderful time. Eventually I started getting more serious with my videos, and finally I created a YouTube channel. I dedicated it to horses and riding because many years before I loved filming, I loved horses. They’ve always been a huge passion of mine. When I began to feel discouraged that I didn’t get to ride much, I watched inspirational horse music videos to keep me going, as well as vlogs and other videos made by popular equestrian YouTubers. I wanted to share that inspiration and love with others-even others I didn’t know.

I love how you started a YouTube channel because of your interests. What is the hardest part of the video editing process?

The hardest part of editing is probably variety/footage choice. I am quite picky with what footage I record and put into my video. The music tells me what color theme would be best for that specific video, like black & white or bright and colorful. In order to keep the video fresh and snappy, I need a variety of clips from different sources. Sometimes they can be really hard to find.

Yes, those things definitely take a lot of thought! How long does it take to make a video?

It usually takes me 4-5 hours. That includes recording and editing. Of course it depends on the video as well. A quicker-paced song may have more clips in it, therefore more to edit. Slower songs often have fewer clips, so less to edit.

Do you have any tips for a person reading this who wants to start a YouTube channel?

If you want to start a channel, find a topic you want to base your channel on. For example, I made mine about horses. Another tip is to make it look nice. Choose a profile image (or create one, like I did!) that represents your channel. You can also make Channel art, which you can select or make. Choose thumbnails (the image that represents your video) that grab attention.

Thank you so much for joining me today, Elena! Thanks, also, to all my followers and readers for listening in on our conversation. If you haven’t followed my new and EXCLUSIVE email list, look at the sidebar or footer and click on the picture of pink flowers! Merry Christmas!

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