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Book Review and GIVEAWAY!!!

The phone was ringing. My mom and I looked at each other expectantly, and I picked it up. In a few sentences, my dad broke the news that we would be moving in just a few months. I hadn’t moved for four years, and Illinois had become my home. We had prepared for this, but the experience was surreal. At first, I was only excited. The movers came, and daily, we looked at houses online. Reality kicked in when I said goodbye to my closest friends. I cried and felt I could never be happy or comfortable in a new state.

When we arrived at our new house, it was fun exploring. The next day, the moving truck arrived and we set up our beds and began to unpack. It was strange when I had to ask where the bathroom was in my own house. It was my house, but it wasn’t home. Every day was filled with enormous change, but also, ironically, with extreme boredom. I was friendless, and I had to wait for CC to start to finally meet some kids my age. I love my family, but a couple weeks with no one else than them wore me out.

Flashbacks and weird, surreal moments happened too many times than I care to count. I had a flood of emotions, and I couldn’t figure out how I could ever make this new place my home.

I’m not sharing this experience to complain or to receive pity. This was God’s plan, and I had to learn to trust Him. I don’t know the full picture, but as I look back, I can see it was for the best. I drew nearer to God, got in touch with old friends, and met people I can’t imagine not knowing. As the “new girl”, I couldn’t see the future. I just had to trust God. This trust was-and is- so important!

Nancy (founder of Revive Our Hearts) and Robert Wolgemuth recently published a deep and thoughtful- yet creatively simple book. The title captures the overarching theme: You Can Trust God to Write Your Story. It has a beautiful gold and teal cover with raw-edged pages. Deeper than the cover, though, there is a profound message inside. This book covers everything from trusting God when losing a loved one to trusting God when your own health fails.

As a teen wondering about the future, this definitely applied to me. Interestingly enough, I read it before receiving some difficult news. This book is one to read in order to refocus, remember, and learn. It is helpful for both young and old, new and mature Christians. With creative and masterful storytelling, Robert and Nancy have written about stories of friends, family, characters in the Bible, and even their own personal testimonies. Together, they lay out the grand design of God’s beautiful Story and delve deep into specific topics. It is theologically sound and references to the Bible as the most important source. I loved reading the book and learned quite a bit.

Giveaway Time!

You can buy this amazing book here, BUT I know that some of you won’t actually buy it. I really want you to read it, though, and so I have a little something to give to one of you. For a week only, I am running a You Can Trust God to Write Your Story giveaway! *insert squeals*

This is open only to U.S. citizens, and you can only enter once. Ready, set, go!!!

ENTER THE giveaway!!!

This giveaway is now closed.

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  1. Woops! I don’t know what happened, but in my last comment, the “John” was not supposed to be there! So just, um, ignore that part!! 😳😁☺


  2. Rachel, I would love to enter the giveaway, but my parents don’t want me signing up for any accounts unless it is the ABSOLUTE only way for me to enter. Can you tell me how to re-enter your email list so I can enter without the Disqus account? Or is that the only way to enter??

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    1. Hi, Hadassah! I totally understand. I can enter you in for the giveaway manually. I’ll enter you for both since you are on my email list and commented on my post!


    1. Thank you so much, Hadassah! Did you enter the giveaway? Btw, even though you are already on my email list, you can re-enter your name and email, and it’ll count towards the giveaway. The point of my asking for your email is so you will be on my email list, but you’re already on it and your entry will count:) ❤


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