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Super Exciting News!!

I finally did it. I got up the nerve to go ahead and send off an article to The Rebelution blog. If you’re not familiar with the “Rebelution” and “do hard things”, let me explain.

“The Rebelution” was a movement started by Alex and Brett Harris and their book, Do Hard Things. They say that it is a teenage rebellion against low expectations. I totally believe in this movement of productivity, service, and usefulness in the teen years, hence my tagline:

Inspiring girls to be productive even before they turn 18!

Anyhow, they have a really cool blog that various authors and teen/young adult writers contribute to. At one point, it was the most popular blog run by teens on the internet! In order to be featured on their blog, the selected article must be submitted according to their guidlines and then accepted by the editor(s).

So here is the exciting news…

I submitted an UPDATED version of my blog post “How Humility Hit Me in the Face”. It was accepted, and they published it on their blog on September 2nd (yesterday)!

Even if you have already read the blog post, you should definately check it out. After all, it is now updated and improved! 😉

Thanks for being amazing readers, ya’ll!


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