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2019 Summer Challenge

Pretty much everyone is relieved when summer break comes. We try to take advantage of our free days and times… How? By doing nothing. Eventually, “bored” is an everyday word, and we end up dreading our summer break and longing for it to be over.

Today, I want to challenge you: take advantage of your summer-not by being lazy, but by being productive and purposeful!  Need some help and ideas?  That’s why I’m here!  I’ll first give you some general ideas of how to make your summer purposeful, and then I’ll give you a long list of specific ideas for summer activites.

1. Do the Things You Always Want to Do, But Can’t Do (Because of School).

Maybe it is a really big craft project, redoing your room, or starting a business. Write down your ideas so you can remember them for when you can’t figure out what to do.

2. Join a Sport or Club

Don’t make summer the time when you don’t hang out with your friends.  I participate in swim team, and I get to see my friends, exercise, and have fun all at the same time.  Summer is the time when the weather is warm! Take advantage of it, and get outside!

3. Do Some Good and Make a Difference

Whether it’s selling lemonade to raise money for orphans or volunteering to clean a local pregnancy center, if you can be busy and help others, your summer will be all the more fulfilling.

4. Refine Your Skills or Learn Something New

Have you always wanted to learn how to knit or get better at calligraphy? This is the time to do it!

I hope that gives you a general idea of how to start being productive this summer. Now here’s the big, long list of IDEAS!

  1.  Read the entire New Testament.
  2.  Memorize a chapter or book of the Bible.
  3.  Go through that devotional you always wanted to do.  You know the one; it’s been sitting on your bookshelf gathering dust for years.
  4.  Spend more time in prayer.
  5.  Start a Bible study or prayer group.
  6.  Learn a new craft or start a new hobby.
  7.  Join a sport or start to exercise with your friends.
  8.  Start a blog.
  9.  Write a story.
  10.  Make friendship bracelets.
  11.  Learn how to do the splits.
  12.  Learn how to make three different international foods.
  13.  Learn how to bake!
  14.  Start a business.
  15.  Learn how to rollerblade.
  16.  Go for bike rides.
  17.  Run 30 to 40 miles a month.
  18.  Wake up no later then (pick a time) a.m.
  19.  Learn calligraphy.
  20.  Start to learn a new instrument.
  21.  Read a book you’ve always wanted to read.
  22.  Go swimming with your friends.
  23.  Host a party or get-together for you and your friends.
  24.  Join “summer reading” at your local library.
  25. Start writing letters.
  26.  Go yard sale shopping.
  27.  Redecorate and reorganize your room.
  28.  Go through your wardrobe and donate clothes that don’t fit anymore.
  29.  Host a yard sale.
  30.  Have a “girls sale” by inviting your friends over for the afternoon to trade their unwanted toys, clothes, and other belongings.
  31.  Go to a summer camp!
  32.  Have a bake sale or craft sale.
  33.  Volunteer for childcare at church.
  34.  Babysit.
  35.  Read to your younger siblings.
  36.  Spend time with your siblings as much as possible.
  37.  Listen to audiobooks.
  38.  Play board games and card games as a family.
  39.  Start a garden.
  40.  Teach a sibling or friend how to knit, crochet, weave etc.
  41.  Make cookies for your neighbors.
  42.  Learn photography basics/skills.
  43.  Learn how to make your own jewelry.
  44.  Learn how to braid your hair.
  45.  Study a language.
  46.  Start to learn real shorthand!
  47.  Raise money for favorite charity.
  48.  Volunteer at a local pregnancy center.
  49.  Try a new food.
  50. Sort through your wardrobe and make new outfits and purpose old clothes.

2 thoughts on “2019 Summer Challenge”

  1. I love your list! You are going to be very busy!

    Can I add to your list? 1) I decided to make all my Christmas list presents over the summer, so I can relieve my December stress. 2) Participate in Tour de Fleece, when I can get better at my handspinning skills. 3) Go hiking, or kayaking, and camping! 4) Increase my dyeing repertoire (I have started fiber reactive dyeing for cellulose fibers). And 5) open a small shop on FiberCrafty to sell my hand-dyed goods and jewelry stitch markers.

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