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When Your Car Breaks Down…8 Hours From Home.😮

Thankfulness. It’s what got us through this last experience. That, and my dad finding us a nice hotel:)  You want to hear the story? Seven people and tons (well, not literally, but close😁) of luggage all in an eight seater van. We were down in Alabama coming home from Florida. We had picked up my brother and all of his luggage, clothes, and stuff from college for half of the summer.  We had just completely emptied out his dorm.

My two oldest brothers were riding together in the car we had bought recently. The rest of us were in the van. We were about one hour away from Birmingham, Alabama when we had to turn around.  The boys’ car had broken down on interstate 65. Furthermore, my brother (who had gotten his license the day before) had been driving. Thankfully, they had safely gotten to the side of the interstate. They sat by the side of the road with cars flying by with only their packages of gum and Fruit Ninja.  And that’s what ended up entertaining them for the next four hours!  We tried to add an additive to the gas and jump the car, but to no avail . After four hours of sitting by the road, we finally gave up and called the tow truck. In my eyes, everything was going downhill and we were going to have to stay the night in Birmingham.  We weren’t going home that night! The next worst thing that could happen is that it would take the shop a long time to fix the car and we would all have to drive home with everybody packed like sardines into the van with all of my brothers stuff.  And the next morning we had an amazing breakfast and found out the terrible news: the car’s engine was damaged, and the car was pretty much totaled. We will be driving home all together.  Sardine can, here we come!!

Miraculously, my mom was able to pack my brother’s stuff and the rest of us into the van comfortably (I mean, as comfortable as sardines in a can can be). We ended up getting home at midnight. What can I say? It was an extremely unexpected adventure!

Are you still wondering why I said thankfulness got us through? Let me explain:

First of all, my dad was away on a business trip. I’m so thankful he was still on the phone to help us out and find us a hotel.

Second, my mom was able to pack the car well and stay awake on the long drives.

Third, my brother who had just gotten his license had prepared for if the car broke down. He was ready when the car shut off.

Fourth, my four-year-old brother actually was pretty good even though he was sitting for hours and hours!!t

Fifth, the spot where we were on the side of interstate 65 was known for how many people had died there. I’m glad I didn’t know that when we were sitting there for hours!

Sixth, the hotel was great.

Seventh, the tow truck driver was nice and helpful.

See? Thankfulness kind of gives you hope and makes you happy! So if your car breaks down eight hours away from home, give it a try!😜

3 thoughts on “When Your Car Breaks Down…8 Hours From Home.😮”

  1. I have discovered over the years that car break downs is one tool the Lord has used to help me remember that He, my sovereign God, is always in control and I can trust Him! We’ve had our share of car adventures (my children can testify to that) and when we tell the stories, we mostly laugh and remember how good God was in caring for us! I am thankful that you are all safe (and for your resilient mother!)


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