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How to Make a Schedule

I’m a list lover. Schedules and to-do lists are my go-to thing and a part of my everyday life. Schedules are life savers! Today I want to show you how I make my schedules and how to make your own. Here are three things to keep in mind when you make a schedule.

  1. Base It Around Time

Make an hour-by-hour schedule. This works much better for me than a to-do list does. This will show you how much time you have to finish your tasks.

2. Leave Extra Time

What I like to do is not give myself less than 15 or 30 minutes for each task. Give yourself time for breaks and try not to pack your schedule so that it is too stressful and difficult.

3. Include Details

On the harder school subjects or the less-enjoyable tasks, I like to give specifics. For example, instead of saying, “2:00- Spelling”, say “2:00- Spelling (have Mama quiz me)”. This can help you to complete the jobs.

To help you see what my schedules look like, here is an example schedule of a school day for you to look at:;

6:30– Devotional/Get Ready for the Day
7:00- Math
8:00-Latin (2 exercises/flashcards)
9:00-Research (draw/label and look up terms)
10:00- Cartography
11:00- LTW (ANI chart)
12:00-Lunch and Fallacy Detective
1:00- Clean Room
2:00- Pack for CC
2:30- Blog
3:30- Get Ready For Track
4:00-6:00- Track
7:00- Dinner
As you can see, it is actually pretty easy to make, and it will save you so much time! Let me know how your schedule turns out!

2 thoughts on “How to Make a Schedule”

    1. 😂Believe it or not, I’m not a morning person either! I don’t always wake up at 6:30, but when I do, I’m tired! As this past school year went on, I woke up later and later. At the beginning of the school year, I woke up at 5:00-5:30 sometimes, and I honestly don’t know how that happened! Maybe I’ll do a post on that:) Once, a year or two ago, I got out of bed, washed my face, made up my bed, and brushed my teeth. Then, I decided to get right back in bed! I slept for a couple hours more! So I completely understand any struggle with getting up early. Sorry if that was a total rabbit trail.😂😂💗💗


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