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How to Make a Bracelet With the Lucet (repost)

Today we’re changing it up a bit for Fashion Friday.  I’m reaching back into my archives to teach you one of my favorite ways to knit. I know many of you enjoy making things like I do so I hope you enjoy this!  In the post I didn’t show how to make the string into a bracelet, but you can finish your jewelry by simply tying the ends together.  You can buy a lucet from Hobby Lobby or another craft store.  I even once made one from cardboard!  Enjoy!


(Originally posted here on May 3, 2016)

The French knitter made an awesome cord, didn’t it?  If you like the french knitter, but you need something faster, that means that the lucet is for you!  What I like about this particular tool is that I can make a lot of cord really fast.  You may not be very fast at first, but you will probably catch on pretty quickly.  Time to get started!

Grab a lucet, a pair of scissors, and some yarn.

crafts and blog 2016-03-11 001







  1. First put the end of the yarn through the hole in the lucet.crafts and blog 2016-03-11 002
  2. And wrap the yarn around one of the pegs as shown in the picture.

crafts and blog 2016-03-11 003

3. Then wrap the yarn around the opposite peg as shown in the other picture below.

crafts and blog 2016-03-11 004


4. Pull the bottom loop over the top loop on the right.

crafts and blog 2016-03-11 005

5. Flip the lucet over, doing this you will have the yarn on top of the loop to act as a top loop.

crafts and blog 2016-03-11 006

6. Take the bottom loop and pull it over the top yarn.

crafts and blog 2016-03-11 007

7. Flip over the lucet and continue on until you have reached your desired length.

crafts and blog 2016-03-11 009

Casting off:

  1. Move the left loop onto the right one.

crafts and blog 2016-03-11 010

2. Then take the bottom loop and pull it over the top one.

crafts and blog 2016-03-11 011

3. Slip the loop off the peg and hold it so that your cord doesn’t come undone.

crafts and blog 2016-03-11 012

4. Cut the yarn.


5. Take hold of the end of your yarn and push it through the loop. Pull tight.

crafts and blog 2016-03-11 014

Look at what you just made!

crafts and blog 2016-03-11 015

Create something with the cord!

crafts and blog 2016-03-11 016

I hope you enjoyed this post!  By the way, for the next couple weeks I’m doing something different than Fashion Friday on Friday;)  Check back here next Friday to see the surprise!  It might be a devotional, story, or something else special…you can look forward to it. 😆

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