Fashion Fridays

Fashion Friday: Staying Warm Outside

I recently started track, and I am trying my best to get used to it.  Ohio weather is really unpredictable, and it is still cold outside.  In fact, we just got a quick dusting of snow a few minutes ago even though it is March. 😧 We basically follow this loose outline for track: we run inside if it is below freezing temperatures, and we run outside if the temperature is a little above freezing.  It is mandatory to wear sweatpants and sweatshirt at the beginning of each practice, and the coaches tell us if we can take them off during the practice.  We are supposed to bring shorts and a t-shirt under our sweats so we won’t be too hot inside if we end up practicing in the gym.  Whenever we run outside, though, dressing right and layering up is key to staying warm and not freezing.😊  Here are 4 things that are very helpful to wear the next time you run (or play) outside.

1.  Warm Socks

There are a couple different types you can buy.  Wool keeps your feet really warm, so look for wool when you try to buy socks.  I heard that SmartWool socks work well.  My sister has a pair, and they are thick and comfy.  Here is a link so you can see what I am talking about.

2.  Thick Gloves

When we’re doing planks and pushups on the track, gloves are very helpful.  Your hands are a sorry sight when you forget gloves.  The track I run on is very hard, rough, and bumpy.  I also feel better with my hands warm.  Look for thick, warm, fleece lined gloves, and your hands will thank you!😉

3.  Leggings

Layering up is a great idea and fleece leggings can help you get to the point of warmth you need.  👖

4.  Thick Headband or Hat

I find that my ears get very cold when I am running.  It might sound strange, but it’s true.  If you have ever run outside in the cold, you probably know what I mean.  A Fleece headband or fuzzy hat that covers your ears can warm you up and help you feel a bit more comfortable.

When you work hard, you’ll warm up and feel better.  Staying still will make you cold!  Breathing can hurt more in the cold, but just pace yourself, and try to stay warm by wearing sweats, warm socks, thick gloves, leggings, and a headband or hat.  

How are you staying active in the winter/spring?  Is it cold where you live?  Let me know in the comments below!

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