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Fashion Friday: Getting Organized, Part 2

Like I talked about last Friday, getting organized (and staying that way!) is very important.  Today for Fashion Friday, I am writing about how to organize accessories: earrings, hair things, and bracelets/necklaces

  1.  Your Earrings

We love ’em, but we also tend to lose ’em.  Here are some tips on organizing your earrings.  And if you want to add to your stash, try making your own pair!

  • Find the usable ones.  I’ve noticed that I sometimes lose my earrings…especially those tiny studs!  If you aren’t using certain pairs at all because they just aren’t usable, then sort those out from your stash.  They will only be distracting and make your search for earrings harder.
  • Fix the needy ones.  I also have a tendency to lose the backs of my earrings.  This is easily cured.  If you go to the jewelry section in a craft store, you usually can find a little bag full of earring backs.  If you don’t spot those right away, you can also search for a bag of empty studs.  They usually come with backs.
  • Make a way to keep them.  One way to stop losing earrings is to know where you put them of course!   But your jewelry box might not be the best place to store them.  Instead, make your own organizer that you can hang on your corkboard, wall, or near a mirror!  How do you do this?  First, take a piece of fabric (for studs), and a square of plastic cross stitch sheet (for the hanging earrings).  Cut it to size and hang it up.  Then add your earrings!


2. Hair Accessories

Hair bands/elastics, headbands, scrunchies, bobby pins… I could go on.  We have so many hair things, but it is really hard to dig through disorganized ones.  If they aren’t organized, we are more likely to lose them.  Here are two ways to start getting your hair accessories organized;

  • Make it easy with the elastics by putting out a small container, bin, or plate.  Then just drop the small hair accessories onto the plate when you’re done with them!  I have found that it is very hard to keep track of where I leave my elastics.  And I would be more likely to drop my elastics somewhere than sticking it in a special bag.  So to conquer this, I used an idea from a book I read.  If you put a little plate out near your hair supplies or next to where you get ready, it will make it super easy to put away your small hair supplies, and you will be more likely to put them away.  All you have to do is drop it!  Just try!
  • Sort through your bows, headbands, and pins and then put them away neatly in a super cute way.  And keep it that way!  Look below at the picture to see the way I used to store my bows!
It is a piece of wood with string wrapped around it. Then just clip the bows on!

3. Bracelets and Necklaces

This tip is short and sweet: hang up a key or coat hanger where you can drop your jewelry.  The hooks on the hanger will hold your jewelry, and it will be easy to drop your necklace onto a hook! I don’t wear a lot of necklaces and bracelets right now, but if you do, this is a great way to organize them!

I hope you enjoyed this Fashion Friday!  If you missed Part 1 of “Getting Organized”, find it here.  If you want to see any other Fashion Fridays you can head over to the “Categories” and click on “Fashion Fridays”.  I am trying to do this the whole year!  You can also find them below:

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2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Getting Organized, Part 2”

  1. Great reminders in parts 1 & 2 of your Getting Organized posts! You are right, the key is maintaining your plan, once you have taken the time to get things put in their place. I remember a tip I read years ago … “eliminate & concentrate.” The author encouraged the reader to thin-out the number of things she had to manage, by sharing the “extras” with someone who might enjoy and actually use them, versus having these items stuffed in a drawer or your closet! I’ve enjoyed seeing a friend at church wearing or carrying an item I passed along! Keep up the great work, Rachel!


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