Fashion Fridays

Fashion Friday: Getting Organized, Part 1

Organization is very important and can actually affect your overall styles.  When your clothes are neatly folded, they are less wrinkled.  When you have your things stacked in neat piles, you are more likely to know how many clothes you have and when you need to do the laundry.  Here are the steps to take to get your clothes organized.  For part two, I’ll be talking about organizing your accessories.  Let’s get started!

Step 1: Fold

Clear out your drawers and roll up your sleeves.  Begin sorting through your clothes by folding your clothes.  Make sure the folding is neat, not rushed and sloppy.

Step 2: Sort Out the Unneeded

First get rid of all stained, ripped, unwanted, or unusable clothing along with clothes that don’t fit.  Put them into a pile to deal with later, or go ahead and put them in a bag.  Next find clothes that don’t fit the season,(e.g. tank tops and flip flops in the winter) and put them neatly away on a shelf or in a box for when you will need them.

Step 3: Separate the Wanted

Organize all the clothes you are going to keep with you.  You can put them into piles by their:

  • Style
  • Color
  • Use (fancy or casual)
  • Size (long, short, skinny etc)
  • Type (dresses, tops, pants)

Step 4: Fashion/Outfit Thinking

Figure out if you can use the article of clothing in an outfit.

  1. Does it have something that it goes with or matches?
  2. If not, do I like it enough to buy something that goes with it?
  3. Is it modest?

Step 5: Put Them Away

Whether you have a shelf, chest of drawers, or closet for your clothes, it is important to put them away neatly.

  • Hang up your skirts, dresses, and coats by length, style, color, or favorites.
  • Put underclothes in an easy-to-reach bin or drawer.
  • Stack your clothes on the shelf by what you sorted them by.
  • If you have a chest of drawers, make a drawer for tops, a drawer for pants, a drawer for pajamas etc.

Step 6: Keep Neat

After washing your clothes, always put them back in the right spots, and strive to keep your clothes organized.  Maybe even set aside time weekly to set things in order.

After organizing your clothes, you may find that you had more clothes than you thought!


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