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Guess What Came in the Mail…

I was totally surprised by the gift.  I opened the box and found fun, cute shoes to wear.  Thank you, Nee-Nee (grandma)!

On Friday a box came in with 2 pairs of shoes.  One pair of sandals that had maps on them (perfect for Ch. A!), and a pair of warm, fuzzy boots!  I had mentioned in another post that I couldn’t fit into my fuzzy brown boots anymore, and my grandmother decided to give new boots a surprise gift!  I am so glad to have boots again!  You probably know how much I like boots because of my post about boots.  They are easily put on, go perfectly with jeans (all I wear for pants in the winter), and are a classic touch to an outfit.

I had no idea that they made map shoes and such fuzzy boots!  Pictures of them are below!



Find the Bon Voyage map shoes here.

Find boots similar to mine here.

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