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Fashion Friday! 4 Outfits for School

Many of you are probably beginning to jump back into school, CC, or some sort of co-op.  Christmas break is over (or almost over), and we hop right back into school and activities.  Today I am using simple clothes from my closet to put together four easy, but good looking outfits for the upcoming school semester.  You probably have similar clothes from your wardrobe/closet that you can use (and I put some links for the clothes at the bottom of the page), but tell me if you would like to see where something else came from. Let me know which outfit is your favorite!

 1.  Warm and Cozy.

This outfit is made up of a warm hat, bright red shirt, cozy vest, jeans, and fuzzy boots.  These are some of my favorite clothes to wear.











2. Floral and Flowing.

I got the main part of this outfit from LuluRoe.  The LuluRoe leggings and top are super soft and light, and the slippers are simple buys from Old Navy.  The bracelet is a one-of-a-kind handmade gift from a friend, and the notebook was a Christmas present from a friend too!

fullsizerender (1)

3.  Comfy and Relaxed.

All you need for this outfit is simple: jeans, a sweatshirt, and a messy bun.  The wallet was a birthday gift from the same friend who gave me the notebook. Thank you, friends (all of you)!

fullsizerender (2)








4.  Classy and (a tad bit) Formal

This is a fun one if you like to dress up a bit.  You can put this together with some cute earrings, a nice t-shirt and jeans, with fancy boots and a light sweater to top.  Let me know if you like it better with the cowl!  I got the earrings from a really awesome organization in Uganda. It’s called Amazima.




And that wraps it up for our first week of Fashion Friday!  Let me know if there is anything you want to see here sometime on a Fashion Friday:)


Warm Vest



Fuzzy Boots

LuluRoe Shirt

LuluRoe Leggings











6 thoughts on “Fashion Friday! 4 Outfits for School”

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! That’s a great idea. If I don’t do it next week, I’ll still keep it in mind for a later week. After all, I have to come up with about 52 subjects, so all suggestions are welcome. 😁Let me know if you think of anything else! Thanks again,


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