“My Crazy Hair Challenge” Post!

The four weeks are up and now it’s time for you to see the final result of the challenge!  I put the type of hair or info about the tip in bold.  Drum roll, please…


“…thin, straight and short”

“Don’t use too much shampoo and conditioner. Conditioner is really bad for your hair, so only use a little but if you want really healthy hair, just skip conditioner.”

Any Type of Hair for This One!

“Mix conditioner and water in a spray bottle.  It really helps my hair!”

(My Hair!) Thin and Curly 

If I don’t put conditioner in my hair, it has a oily feeling after the shower.  It is also frizzy and knotted.  So unlike those with thin hair, I need conditioner.

Things I’ve Heard About All Hair, But Not All Conditioner.

I recently read on a blog (, that some conditioner is not made for the scalp.  It is good to put the conditioner on the part of your hair that is not on your scalp.  Some conditioner can make your scalp oily! 😬

Here is a fun trick!  I don’t know if it will work on every type of hair, but you should try it out!

“Condition your hair before you shampoo it- it gives it a cool textured look!”

Some Great Tips From A Friend With: ” really average hair”,  wavy, thick, red hair.

“1. If I wash my hair everyday and then can’t shower one night, the next day my hair will be obviously oily because my hair is used to being shampooed every day.
2. I brush my hair two to three times a day so it is easy to style.
3.  If I wear my hair in a high ponytail or bun a lot, it brakes my hair where the ponytail is and I end up with some short hairs that can’t stay in a ponytail.”

How to Do A Quick and Easy Top Knot!

If I need a quick top knot, I turn to this method.  Let’s get started!

1. Put hair into a high ponytail.


2. Twist the ponytail until it starts to curl around.


3. Pull the ponytail around in a small circle above your head, wrapping it into a small bun.


4. Secure with an elastic.  You can also pull on the top knot so it is fluffy and big.


And there you are!  Super easy-peasy!




For those with curly hair:  I also heard from someone in my CC class that if you brush your hair while spraying with water, that can help conquer the crazy pouf and frizz that comes with brushing curls.

For everyone:  I have a friend who is new to blogging, and she is doing a wonderful job with her blog.  And she published a hair-tips post recently!  Find it here:

And don’t forget that God made you with the perfect hair for you to have!💙  Let’s make a challenge for all of us to be content with the hair God has given us!  Thanks for all the contributions to the “My Crazy Hair Challenge”!  🎉🎉🎉

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