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True Woman ’18

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I’m sorry I’ve been a little quiet on my blog lately, but I recently had one of the most wonderful experiences ever!!!  Revive Our Hearts is an amazing women’s ministry, and every year, they host a conference for women.  Thousands of women gather together to worship God, learn about truth, and fellowship with other believers.  They are also branching out to different languages.  They are building a really strong Spanish ministry too.

You can find more here:

They have a great young women’s ministry too:

Find the blog at

I read their blog all the time!!!

My Experience:

I had the opportunity to go to True Woman ’18 this past weekend.  I did the Teen Track, and I want to share the two things that stuck out to me the most.

1. Truth vs. Lies

While I was in the Teen Track, Dannah Gresh spoke to us about finding the lies and replacing them with the truth.   Believe it or not,  we believe lies.  We might have told ourselves the lies, other people might have told us the lies, or Satan might have told us the lies.  But we believe them!  Here are the three steps:

  1. Find the bondage, sin, sinful desire, or bad things your mind dwells on.
  2. Find the lie.
  3. Replace the lie with the truth (God’s Word, the Bible).   Then whenever you are tempted to believe the lie, say the Bible verse(s) to yourself.  You will be surprised how much this will help you!

2. “Saying Goodbye to Good Girl” (knowing that you are sinful, and saying “goodbye” to the prideful way you look at yourself)

Erin Davis spoke to me and over 500 other teenagers about sin.  She said that before you get to the good news of the Gospel, you have to know the “bad news”.  That “bad news” is that we are sinful.  We have desires that lead to sin (James 1:14-16), and we sin every day but often we think of ourselves as amazing, perfect people.  Even if we might not say that out loud, we show what we think about ourselves with our actions.  We need to humble ourselves before God.  This was very convicting to me.

I have grown closer to God because of what I have learned at the True Woman ’18 conference.


4 thoughts on “True Woman ’18”

  1. Hey Rachel! I’m exploring the archives and came across this. It made me excited because I’m going to “Revive ’21” next week! I just thought it was cool that you had gone to a conference by them.

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  2. Hi Rachel, thanks for sharing what you learned st the True Woman conference- those are good lessons for women in every season of life. xoxo


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