Super Simple, Super Cute Organizer!

Are you looking for a cute, fun, cheap and easy way to store a few books?   I have just the thing that has all of those qualities!  All you need is a cereal box, scissors, and decorations (and books to put inside!).


Then cut the box (it’s okay if it’s not perfect) at an angle, as shown below:


After you cut the box it’s time to decorate!  I covered mine with duct tape and glued some colorful Bible verse printouts on the box!  It really was a simple as 1,2,3!  As you can see, I put my math books in my organizer.  What will you use yours for?  I can’t wait to hear from you!


And don’t forget that I need your help with the “My Crazy Hair” Challenge, and that I would love you to take my survey,  to help me make my blog the best it can be!  Thank you!


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