The Foundation for a Challenge

“-a, -ae, -ae, -am, -a¯…”  Thousands of kids in Classical Conversations have sung the Latin first declension song.  Even better: a lot of those kids were under the age of 11! Foundations and Essentials have prepared me in so many ways for Challenge (for more info about CC, look here).  I thought I would share three of the ways I have been prepared:

 1. Latin

I am learning Latin in Challenge A, and I will continue to learn it through high school.  If you have ever studied Latin, you will know that it is VERY important to know what word endings mean.  It is vital to know the declensions, conjugations, and meanings to translate Latin.  The endings show you the case, if the word is singular or plural, and a lot more.   I learned at least one variation of each declension in Foundations and some other helpful tools.  It has helped me so much!  English has also helped me…

2.  English

For Latin and Research, we need a solid background in English.  You probably understand how English helps us with writing Research papers, but you might be confused about the other part.  WHY WOULD ENGLISH HELP YOU WITH LATIN???  Long story short, we need to know how words work in a sentence.  If we know that, we will be able to arrange the sentences correctly and translate accurately.

3.  Science, Math, and Timeline

Because we write a paper every week for Research, sometimes it is nice to have that science memory work brought to your mind.  It’s great when your older sibling is talking to your mom about school, and you know what they are talking about because of your memory work.  It’s also great when you know how events in history line up or when you can do the math about teaspoons and tablespoons in your head while baking.

There are so many ways that Foundations and Essentials have prepared me for Challenge, baking, and life.  I am so glad I learned all that I learned.  Is there any way something in school has prepared you for something else?  I would love to hear from you in the comments!!

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