Zooming In 📷

Psalm 19:1                                                                                                                      The heavens declare the glory of God;
And the firmament shows His handiwork.

Isn’t God amazing?  When I grab our family camera and take a series of pictures of trees, animals, insects, or other things in nature, I am fascinated.  When I take pictures of God’s creations, I have to zoom in and focus on what He has made.  I am brought to complete awe when I study things that God has made.  I recently took some pictures at our local playground.   There is a little garden with a variety of plants that attract insects and provide the perfect place for photography.  I am not an amazing photographer, and I am still learning about the art, but when I take a photo of nature and it’s details, I am brought to remember that we have a great God.  Below, I have included some of the pictures I took (most of them were taken at the playground).  Enjoy!  


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