Week 3 Close- Up: Geography

image1 (4).JPG
I did not draw this from memory, but this is an example of what we have to learn.😊


Uh-oh!  This Tuesday I found out I had less time than I thought for an assignment.  I have to draw and label Canada from memory this coming Tuesday!  That is one week less than what I thought I had.  I planned my studying and then I found out my scheduling was wrong.  I pretty much have the drawing part memorized, but I’m worried about the labeling.  I’ll most likely be fine, but I still need to prepare!  Here are some tools I found/made to help me and my friends:

  1.  Here is a map I found.  It seems to have many of the places Challenge A students have to label.
  2.  I also made 2 quizzes on  My friends had used this website in the past, and I decided I would give it a try.  If you like quizzes, take a look here and here.

Do you like geography?  If not, what is (or was) your favorite school subject?

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