The Instrument I Play

I started violin not too long ago with a great violin teacher and would like to share some of what I have learned.

1. The songs.

Because I am using Suzuki, these are the songs I have learned so far:

  • “Mississippi Hot Dog”, “Mississippi, Mississippi”, and other Twinkle Variations
  • “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”
  • “Lightly Row”
  • Song of the Wind

And I am working on “Go Tell Aunt Rhody”

2. The parts.

One of the things learned in violin is the parts of the instrument.                                                Here is a slide show of some of the basic parts of the violin.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3. The practice.

As it is with other instruments (and pretty much anything), most people have to practice to perform well.  This does not mean practice once in a week.  Practice many days in the week.  As the old saying goes: “Practice makes perfect.”

If you are not playing an instrument, you should really start.  If you are wondering what to play, you could try violin!  If you are already playing an instrument, I encourage you to continue.  What instrument do you play?  I would love to know!!

1 thought on “The Instrument I Play”

  1. Rachel, when your mom first took piano lessons, she had a teacher who said, ” practice does NOT make perfect . Practice makes PERMANENT. It is absolutely necessary know what is correct before you practice it. If you practice music incorrectly, it is really hard to change after practice.” I’m glad you like the violin. I hope you love it as much as spinning!

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