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Painted Wool vs. White Wool

Today I have spun white wool without any color added.  I have enjoyed it and noticed some interesting differences:

Hand painted wool is a somewhat harder to pre-draft.  It is a little more course, but does not break easily.  The non-painted wool is very soft.  It is easy to pre-draft and spin, but it breaks easily.  This makes sense because its fibers separate more easily.  I also see more shedding on my pants from the white wool.  I enjoy spinning colored wool the most.  I love seeing the color of the yarn.  It gives me something happy to look at while I am spinning.  But spinning white wool is fun too.   As I was spinning my Mom and I started to wonder about dyeing it.  Since the fibers are twisted, if you dye it after it is spun, is it harder to get the fibers to take the color?  What about consistent color?  What is the difference between pre painted vs. dyed after spinning?  I look forward to hearing if there is anyone with experience with these things.


4 thoughts on “Painted Wool vs. White Wool”

  1. Hi! It’s been amazing watching your progress this week. I’m always excited to see more people learning how to make something that they never have before and you are inspiring.
    As to your dyeing question-feel free to double check this with your aunt, whose experience with dye is greater than mine- I understand that “kettle dyed” yarns are dyed after they’ve been spun. The yarn is put into the dye bath and soaks up the dye over a period of several hours. How tight the twist of the yarn is can limit how much of the dye can penetrate, which means some parts of the yarn can take a lighter color of the dye. Also, if the yarn is untwisted a little you can still see the still-white inner core.
    The dyes do affect the feel of the fiber. Undyed yarns are typically softer than dyed. Commercial dyers have to try to balance the desire for color with the desire for tactile comfort. It can be a hard choice!
    I hope you had fun with us at Gate City Gang and I’m looking forward to seeing what you do next!

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  2. Hello! As one of the Spinzilla event organizers, it can be a lot of work to answer emails and keep everything going smoothly. This week, every time I got a bit tired I would come read your post about what participating in Spinzilla means to you and your Spinzilla experience. It kept me going and I enjoyed seeing the event though your posts. I love that your relatives gave you this challenge and you took them up on it. You and your Mom working together to learn about spinning is so fun to to read about and you are a REALLY good writer as well as a wonderful new spinner! Keep up the good work and come post on the Spinzilla group on Ravelry and let us know how your spinning progresses. We would love to follow your spinning!

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