How to Get Your Family Involved, Lesson 4

I climb up a small two-step ladder and my brother and sister take turns spinning the spindle while I hold the wool and work it into yarn.  My two-year old brother makes yarn with a stick and some wool without too much struggle.  My Dad wakes up early to make my  Mom and I another niddy noddy.  My Mom pre-drafts while reading aloud to me and my siblings. This is what has happened in the last couple days.  My family has been very helpful.  Here are some photos of how they are all involved.  It has been a lot of fun. I learned you can make yarn with just a stick and wool.  It is a much slower process, but it is easier for little children.  I have also learned it is easier to spin if you are tall.  I have to be creative in how to make a long twist.  Also, do you know how to use a butterfly wind when you are twisting the yarn under the whirl?  I have learned this is a great way to make sure the yarn keeps its twist.

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