Niddy Noddy, Lesson 2

I woke up bright and early ready for another day of spinning.  My Grandmother and Aunt sent me a very handy tool, called a Niddy Noddy.   (I wonder how it got it’s name?) Although it looks simple, this tool helps you to make a skein of yarn after you spin it.  After I figured out the right way to wind it (I watched how to wind it on Woolery.com), it became simple to follow the pattern for winding it.  I left the yarn I spun on there all day.  The great news was my spindle was free for spinning today!  I took the wool off the Niddy Noddy this evening and I was so excited.  My first skein of yarn.  This is a very exciting accomplishment.  I was hoping to spin about 2 yards a day and yesterday I spun 65 yards!  I had to count about 4 times to believe it.  This challenge is encouraging me to do things I never imagined I could.  It is also neat to do things that are useful and help me with my love of knitting.



2 thoughts on “Niddy Noddy, Lesson 2”

  1. You have already learned the one lesson I had hoped you would land on someday! You said this challenge is making you believe that you could do things you never imagined you could do. All along, I knew you were going to create wonderful things and fantastic yarns. And while Spinzilla’s challenge is to spin as much yarn as possible, sometimes we get lost in that challenge and forget to set goals that push us outside of our comfort zones, which is the only way to grow as a craftsman (or woman!) and artist. When we set goals that are realistic for ourselves and simultaneously challenge us in good and positive ways, we begin to learn about ourselves. And you will learn new skills and techniques that will make you a better spinner, all week long!

    About the Niddy Noddy: did you know that the prize for the winning team of Spinzilla gets a Golden Niddy Noddy trophy?! The name of the “niddy noddy” has been around for centuries. Here is an interesting blog post from someone about the niddy noddy: https://sweatyknitter.com/2012/12/09/niddy-noddy-an-old-english-tune-and-christ/.

    The most interesting one, and be sure to share this with your mother, concerns Leonardo DaVinci and a very famos painting of his: http://www.universalleonardo.org/work.php?id=312.

    Who knew??

    Keep those lessons coming!

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