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Pre-Drafting, Lesson 1

Day 1 of Spinzilla:  I woke up this morning excited to begin the challenge.  I packed my bags for school and headed out with my spindle and wool.  I have spun most of the day and the lesson  I have learned is that pre-drafting really helps.  Pre-drafting is gently pulling the wool to make it thinner before you begin spinning.  Another thing that helps is to pull apart the big piece of wool into strips, then pre-draft each strip.  In some multi-colored wool it helps to pre-draft so that each change of color  is not noticed very well, but each color blends into the beginning of the next color.  Pre-drafting helps spinning go much faster and sometimes causes less frustration.  I highly suggest pre-drafting,  especially for beginners. 

4 thoughts on “Pre-Drafting, Lesson 1”

  1. You can absolutely do this! I believe that you are on your way to becoming an excellent spinner! I was so impressed with the pictures of your yarn! Not only did you accomplish an amazing quantity of yardage, but you also created beautiful yarn. I can hardly wait to see what else you make!

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  2. That is a very good lesson! Pre-drafting definitely aids in efficient spinning! I have learned that the processing of fiber can make all of the difference in hand-spinning, whether with a spindle or wheel. The more time I spend processing wool or any other fiber, the better my spinning will turn out. And even when you recieve fully milled, commercially prepared, or hand dyed fibers, there is still some preparing you have to do before spinning. And taking the time to do it means you can spend a more enjoyable time spinning. Plus, you will become a better spinner in learning different methods of fiber preparation, while giving yourself the opportunity to focus on the spinning, which also makes you a better spinner!

    I can hardly wait to read tomorrow’s learned lesson!

    Happy spinning!

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