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How to Make and Use a Drop Spindle

How to Make a Drop Spindle


¼ inch dowel

Small cup hook

Wheel from hobby store.

1. Take your dowel and drill a small hole in the center of the end.dscn3409






2.Cut a notch out of the wheel.


3.Screw the hook into the end of the dowel.

4. Fit the wheel over the dowel. You have now made a drop spindle.


How to use your drop spindle.


Drop Spindle

Roving (you can purchase through Amazon or a wool store such as the

Cotton String




  1. Cut a 12”-15” piece of cotton string or thick yarn. Tie a knot below the wheel of the drop spindle.







  1. Bring the string up in the groove of the wheel and wrap around the hook. Make a large loop on top to place your roving into.


  1. Separate the roving into two pieces (Just as you would separate string cheese). It should come apart easily. This will make it thin enough to spin.
  1. Place the spindle between your knees to hold securely. Take a little bit of fiber and put through the loop to make a “v”. Hold the rest of the roving in your hand and spin the bottom of the drop spindle clockwise.


  1. As the spindle spins you will notice the thread tightening. Do not let the spindle reverse. Once you spin about 3 times, you will stop it between your knees, then thin out the roving with your other hand and pinch about 2 inches above your initial twist.  Let the pinch go that is closest to your twist so the twist works its way up to the second pinch.










  1. Twist the spindle again and then repeat step 5.

7. Once you get the end of the roving you will have to connect two pieces. You do this by feathering out the wool you are working on and overlap some of the new fiber.  Pinch in the center and continue to twist.  This will bind the two pieces together.

8. Once you are twisting to arm’s length, you will want to unhook your wool and twist it around the spindle. You can wrap it around the spindle, leaving about 3-4 inches for your hand to work.  Continue this until your spindle is full.  You will know it is full once it no longer spins evenly.

9.  Wrap the wool around the hook several times to secure the twist.  Leave the wool on the spindle for about 2 days.

What are you going to make with it?  I would love to know.





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