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Hello everyone!  I have something really exiting coming up and wanted to share it with all of you so you can join in the fun.  Spinzilla is a week-long contest to see which team can spin the most yarn in a week.   It takes place October 3rd to October 9th. You participate at home and use either a drop spindle or a spinning wheel.  If you don’t know how to make yarn, I will be posting something tomorrow on how to make your own drop spindle and spin with it.  You can start a team or join one at SpinzillaSpinners and  You will have to set a goal, I might try to spin a couple of yards.  I don’t think I’ll ever set a goal as big as my aunt’s though: 3 miles!  I think my Mom, grandma, aunt, and I will have a lot of fun and hope you will too!

6 thoughts on “Spinzilla”

  1. Rachel, you responded to an earlier post of mine with the following:
    “I didn’t know that they still sometimes use insects in paint. Thanks for telling me! When I am done with Spinzilla, I am hoping to dye the yarn and knit things with it. What are you going to make with your three miles?”

    Well, to answer your question, I have several sets of roving that I am planning on giving to people, either as presents or as a “thank you” offering. I also have some knitting projects in mind for a couple of them. And I am selling most of it through Out of Hand, a yarn shop here in Jamestown, NC. As it turns out, her customers love handspun yarn! And so does the shop owner. Hand spun yarns knit completely different than commercially spun yarns.

    I have emailed you a special challenge in your mom’s email address! So I hope to hear back fom you, here on your blog posts, soon!

    Happy spinning!

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  2. That was a GREAT post! I am so excited that you like spinning as much as I do!! You can spin several yards a day. And next year, you’ll be using a spinning wheel!! And you know how to make spindles? And yarn? Many many people use spindles and never go to a wheel. You are so historical !!!

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  3. This looks awesome, Rachel. Some day I’d like to spin. .. Maybe 3 yards! I’ll look forward to seeing if you reach your goal. I’ll take a raincheck on the challenge since right now I’m very busy holding my twin grandsons (and trying to finish knitting 2 baby sweaters before the weather up north gets very chilly! I love your blog!

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