Birthday Parties And How to Plan Them

“Happy birthday to you!  Happy…” and on the song goes.  When the guests are over and the song is being sang, it is a joyful experience.  But for many people like my mom, preparing for birthday parties can be very hard to plan.  But some people, like myself, love organizing and preparing birthday party’s.  Here is how I plan a birthday party:

First decide if it will be a home party or somewhere else.

Then figure out if he\she wants a themed party.  Today I will be working with my sister’s home party, with a princess theme.

Food & Drink:  Hot dogs or pizza are the  foods you usually will see  at a birthday party.  Lemonade and water are an easy and fun drink; Some kids will want soda though.

Dessert:  Cake\Cupcakes and Ice cream are the classic dessert, but for my sister’s birthday party we had ice-cream sundaes because she really enjoys going to a frozen yogurt place called “Cherry Berry”.  We decided to also have cupcakes.

Date:  Find a day that most people are available on.

Invitations:  This is how you invite everyone to the party.  Tell them the date, time, and place of the party; then tell them who it is for.

Activity’s:   This is the biggest part.  I’ll just go by age level.  If he\she is turning 3-5 yrs. old they usually prefer simple obstacle courses and scavenger hunts.  They also enjoy games like Duck-duck goose or Ring around the Rosy.  Painting is a very fun thing to do with the guests.  If he\she is turning 6-8 they enjoy more “Big Kid” stuff, the obstacle courses and scavenger hunts will still work.  Water balloons are always an option if the party is in summer.  I only know that much in terms of age organized party’s, but I am sure you can find a way to organize a party that will fit your sibling’s, child’s, or even your own, personality.  Tell me how the party goes!

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