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Micro Businesses

I went to an home school conference this weekend and heard a talk on micro businesses.  It was interesting and inspiring.  After the talk I decided to make a micro business too!  The speaker had written some books on micro businesses.  You can find micro business ideas, books, and also her blog at:  Challenge yourself today and start a micro business!  Let me know what ideas you come up with.  I will try to post some of your ideas and how you implement them.

2 thoughts on “Micro Businesses”

    1. Hey, Sariyah! I actually forgot about this post because it’s been so long since I wrote it. 😂 It’s honestly kind of embarrassing how short and unclear it is. But to answer your question, a micro business is a business that is a bit smaller than a small business. It runs on a much more managable scale, and when I was at the conference mentioned in the blog post, the speaker specifically recommended this for teens. If the link still works, the list of ideas on her website should give you a better idea of what a micro business actually is. So glad to have you here and thanks for asking!


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