The French Knitter

There are different types of french knitters that you can find in stores.  They are also known as spool knitters.

crafts 2016-01-04 001 The french knitter makes a beautiful, but simple knitted cord that can be used in a variety of ways.  You can use it as jewelry (bracelet, necklace), accessories for a hat, or sew the cord to make a coaster or even animal shapes.

Let the knitting begin!

  1. Put your yarn through the knitter. crafts 2016-01-04 003
  2. Then wrap the yarn around each of the pegs once.                                         crafts 2016-01-04 005
  3. Next, take the yarn and put it outside the pegs and wrap it all the way around once.                                                                                                                    crafts 2016-01-04 006
  4. Take the bottom stitch and pull it over the top yarn.                                   crafts 2016-01-04 007
  5. Do the same thing all the way around the knitter.crafts 2016-01-04 008

Repeat steps 2-5 until you reach desired length.crafts 2016-01-04 009Casting off:

  1. Take one of your stitches and put it on top of the stitch to the right.       crafts 2016-01-04 013
  2. Then pull the bottom stitch over the top stitch.                                       crafts 2016-01-04 014
  3. Repeat until you are left with one more stitch, then hold that stitch and pull the knitted cord out of the french knitter.crafts 2016-01-04 015

Cut the yarn that is attached to the ball and stick the end of it through that last stitch and pull tight.                                                                                                      crafts 2016-01-04 016

Take what you made and try to create something with it! I hope that in the future I will be able to show you what you can make with this wonderful knitted cord. Have fun!

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2 thoughts on “The French Knitter”

  1. Yes! Those are excellent instructions and are easy to follow with all the pictures! If you are very industrious now ( in January), and IF you find some very thin yarn, you will have tiny belts and hair accessories for your corn shuck dolls in the fall!!

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